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Well it's been quite awhile since I've posted here. We've started to make really good inroads into cleaning up said room over xmas, posted off the contents of several boxes courtesy of ebay and that the darling child wants to go to jamboree so he's saved up half of the deposit for that so far as a result. Planning to hold another garage sale soon and an op shop (similiar to thrift shops in America) trip or 2 after that. Handy that my mum's birthday is coming up soon so instead of taking it locally, it'll be a drop off at one of the op shops in Melbourne in lieu there of - for some reason because we do the markets and currently in the process of doing Relay for Life, we've been donated quite a few boxes of items - I don't need anymore items folks, got enough junk around here as it is. Aggravating, 'tis BUT I did find one or two items that I wanted out of the boxes so the donation tin got a fill up and ..... well, you probably get the picture. Okay, I will attempt to put pictorial viewpoints up but it'll have to wait until March so I've got a chance to clean up a little more.
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