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Default I thought I would give MOM a fair chance.

I have mostly AMC with a few others for sale including a first edition of both dragonquest and dragonflight. I'll be happy to send pics if you want to private message me your email info. I might even consider letting go of some of my autographed books so don't be shy on asking. Just need to make some cash without a. being short changed or b. taking someone's arm and leg. Some of the autographed books are personalized so if your name is Tina or you don't care and you offer a decent amount... I will be comparing offers with ebay, amzon and a few other websites. I am not ready to post specifics as I still haven't decided what to let go of yet so again ASK it's a 50/50 as to my answer and some of my AMC short stories/anthologies I haven't found listed just happened upon them in antique stores in small towns...
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