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Default Re: Crystal Singer 'Fanzine'

Well, the fanzine is just articles published by folks who enjoy Anne's books. It's not just Crystal Singer related, it's all her works. It was first issued in March of 1978. They did monthly mailings, but I don't know for how long. When I read thru it I think of it as very slow internet fan site!
There are articles on dragons and CS and all Anne's works. Some fan fiction too and lots of small bits of art and personal stories. Like I said an early version of a McCaffrey fan site.

Oh!!! A bit of news found in issue 3, May 1978!!!! (I have photo copies of issues 2-6 also, cuz a friend has the originals)
Anne was sent copies of the first 2 issues and the first issue deals with F'lar's age in one article.
She says "I.....have read through with interest, and a gulp for the inconsistancy of Flar's age. Todd Johnson, my son, tries to keep me right but occassionally I have goofed. Actually, F'lar is 10 Turns Lessa's senior and she is 24 when Ramoth and Mnementh mate. Todd keeps arguing that F'nor, having spent three Turns back in Southern Weyr , is subjectively now older than his half-brother but I keep saying it really doesn't matter...."

Just a neat tidbit that I thought would be of interest.

In the later issues there are letters from folks giving their opinion of the zine. There is also talk of orgainzing 'Central Weyr' or the purpose of discussion, round-robin letters and special projects, etc. They also talk about Cons they've been to and what happened at the con. There is also some big buildup to The White Dragon being published. Kind of neat to get their anticipation of that book coming out. Especially for me, since it was the very first Anne book I ever read!

Ok, that's it for now. I'll hopefully get some better info from this other school I've contacted about the number of issues that were done.
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