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Green The Adoption Option- on Pern

"Those Holdbred girls think it's evil to abort." Lessa to F'lar, in Dragonquest.

Well, if they think so, then what happens to their babies? They get fostered out, to people like Manora. The babies can't become 'wards of the state'- there being no state- but they can become wards of. . . in this case, Benden Weyr. Jaxom was orphaned at birth, and he became both the Lord of Ruatha, and a ward of Ruatha. Lytol was "assigned" to care for him and teach him, and F'lar made that decision because, I presume, Lytol was an ex-dragonrider and therefore knew his stuff, in F'lar's opinion.

Then there is adoption- the way it is on this planet. For anyone who( for whatever reason) is unable to bear a child naturally, and for all the orphaned children out there, adoption works. I have met some absolutely beautiful "blended families" where no one would know (or care, for that matter- that's personal business) that the children are not related to the parents by blood. They are a family, period. The end.

Unfortunately, some people, states, and countries, have some ideas regarding who can adopt- who is a 'proper' parent. Potential adopters often have to jump through solme rather ridiculous hoops to get to adopt. Hopefully, in the future, equal rights will prevail and anyone with enough love for a child will be able to share their lives with one or more.

So, my real question is, how's it work on Pern? With the Pernese' lack of technology, there is a "source" for orphaned children. There are also children who aren't orphans, but who's parents either don't have the time or the initiative to care for them. All these kids need to go somewhere, and they do- the fostering idea works wonderfully on Pern. But what if someone who wants to foster isn't "perfect", and may not be what's "normally" thought of as "parent material", but has what it takes to provide a wonderful life for the child?

OK, I'll get specific here- what if the potential adopter is half of an LBGT couple, green dragonrider, journeyman healer, wonderful all-around caring person (and also, quite good-looking) who has finally decided, together with his partner (both human and dragon) that they are ready to bring a child into their lives? Who are we to say, "No, sorry, you don't fit the mold."?

Why don't we see more of this? There are many kids out there who need loving, caring parents, and also many couples who unable tgo have children the "normal" way. Adoption could be a happy option for both these groups.
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