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Default Re: Getting to know you...

Originally Posted by AnnMarie
Obnoxious? Nope. Rough around the edges, maybe. At your age, that's allowed to an extent. I give you another 4 to 10 years to polish up before I'd call you "obnoxious"
I'm twenty-six. If I'm not polished by now, or on my way to being, I think I'm a lost cause. (Actually I'm very nice IRL or so I'm told. I wouldn't have believed it until I didn't kill the third person to ream me out because the Park doesn't take American Express. Yeah, I'm an exhibits person moonlighting as a GSR. I make that sort of decision. Not.)

And of course it all depends on where you meet me. On the street? Perfectly normal. At GenCon...well, now, that's another story...
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