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Hi there my name is H, real name Hisham Ahmed Hussein El-Far. I think we can all agree H is lot more easy to type.

I Started my facination with the books of A.M sometime before lunch time in my tenth year of life, the first Book of which was the Rowan (lent to me by an unsuspecting great aunt), this quickly led to a devouring of all Talent books, and a rash of book transfer orders at my local library for books they didnt have in stock , the talent series has since for evermore been my favorite series followed closley by the freedom and pern series

I'm a 24 year old Male (age correct at time of posting), who discovered the WoAM site a few years ago, got hooked and as a safety measure had to wander of for a while while at uni (my uni work was beeing affected by constant visiting of WoAM ). Eventualy i returned and history of the H kind was made!

I spend most of my time doing one of two things, Working for the Train Operating Company of the Moment (currently Silverlink) at Northampton and any other Train Stations they send me too , Or Journeying from Northampton to York (or vice verca) to be with Bardmaiden who i met at the very first UK Gather in Blackpool

I drink when i'm thirsty, i eat when i'm hungry and i ... well thats enough of that

oh and i'm ill burdened financialy in the hight department (i'm too tall), finding clothes to fit me is a joke !!!
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