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Well hello Good chance we already know each other from elsewhere, but for those who don't...

My name is Hans (van der Boom). I'm a webdeveloper/public relations officer for a non-profit company active in the health field for the elderly and apart from that I have been a professional genealogist and historian for about 25 years now. That says something about my age, eh? So, alright. I was born in 1957, am married and have one son. I live in The Netherlands.
I'm a published author in the field of genealogy and have about 20 books to my name (genealogies in various form as well as source material). I have written dozens of scientific/genealogical articles in many genealogical and historical magazines. Together with a friend I have my own small publishing house called "Van der Boom & Slijkerman" (ISBN 90-73240) which publishes genealogical and historical books.

I am a lover of science fiction and fantasy books and since not much worthwhile was/is being published in my native language I started to read English books while in High School. Anne McCaffrey is my favourite sf author and when I finally got around to start my own website about her (in 1999) I got acquainted with Cheryl and Anneli. To cut a long story short, we met on the net, were active on the usenet group and became tied in as admin peeps on Anne Mccaffrey's official site and forumboard. That period came to an end this year and... here we are again!

Besides SF and fantasy in general and Anne McCaffrey's books in particular my range of hobbies and interests is substantial. Many of them are history related, like Roman and Greek culture and mythology but I am also very interested in languages. I speak several and have a modest collection of dictionaries in far more languages than I speak
My pride and joy is my book collection of several thousand volumes. about half of which are books relating to history and genealogy, the other half are novels, including those my wife collects (thrillers, crime).

I have traveled all over the western world and also visited some more exotic places; started out backpacking but now I'm getting older I insist on a little more luxury. Places still to go to are Australia, New Zealand and the far east.
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