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Default Re: A couple of new items!

Originally Posted by Hans View Post
What wonderful acquisitions, Becky
I especially love the cassettes, which I don't have in my collection and would very much like to find, especially the Dragonsongs one. But wow, are thise things rare or not?
If you need an idea for a Collecting Highlight...

Congrats on some great purchases!
LOL, Hans! Yes, I think a Highlight is definitely warranted for these two items!

Rare.......I'd say so. I've never seen the tape for sale since I found it, gosh, 9 or 10 years ago when I bought it. I paid a lot at the time but I think it was well worth it since another has yet to be found. And the sheet music, well, I'd never seen it before at all so HAD to have this one! The 'set' ya know.

P'ter - I don't know about the book but will find out when I manage to do the highlight.
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