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Default A couple of new items!

I recently received a new (still in shrink wrap!) copy of Three Gothic Novels. I have a lot of ephemera regarding the publishing of this omnibus and have been looking for a nice copy to go with the papers, but never ever thought I'd find a copy still in shrink wrap! Who could ask for more!??! (ok to have Anne's signature, well that would be great!)

The other item I just received today!! I'm very excited about this as I never thought to have it to go with the tape Dragonsongs.

(we're looking at the Dragonsongs tape not the interview)

I received the sheet music....Menolly's Sea Songs!!! A special pre-publication edition with music by Joanne Forman and the words (of course) by Anne McCaffrey. It's only 7 pages long but oh so neat! I'm including pictures of it in its entirety for everyone to enjoy.

This was published back in 1983....this is the 25th birthday of this publication! What a way to celebrate!
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