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Default Re: Draconia: Forging Trust

Originally Posted by McClance View Post
Almost anywhere that sells ebooks. There's a kindle version on Amazon. Also, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords.

The ebook version is better anyway. I corrected most of the mistakes that made it through into the print version.
Got it, thanks. You might consider putting up a link for the ebook version as well.

I think I will wait on the other two until I see if I like the first one. It looks good but I've found that I sometimes don't like books that looked good to others in reviews. At least you've made one more sale with a future possibility of two more.

[Added2, ~ 0134, 11/24]
OK, I can see I'm in trouble here. I have been reading since shortly after getting the ebook and have managed to reach chapter 8. I have read better books before but I also have many in my collection that aren't as good. If the rest holds up to the same or better level of story telling, I may be forced to get the remaining two ebooks. My biggest problem is that I'm reading it on my Mac and a 27" monitor is a bit much to take to bed and read from.

[Added3, ~ 0616,11/24]
OK, finished reading the entire ebook. There were a few grammar and spelling errors but they were easy to ignore. I found the story easy to follow and enjoy. I think with a bit more polish, the series could well stand besides other similar stories I have read by more established authors. Well done.

Darn, now I will be "forced" to get the next two.
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