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Default Re: America 2040 Series by Evan Innes

When I first read the America 2040 series the books were really hard to find. After a few months of searching the used book stores, I found them all and really enjoyed them. Five years later, I decided I wanted a complete set new so I could send them to San Val, south of St. Louis and have them converted to hardcover. They do paperbacks for use in libraries and guarantee them to survive 50 readings. I called BCI in New York to see where I could get new copies. After I told them that I wanted to have them hard bound, they sent me two new complete sets. I already had two used sets so I had all four bound. I gave one set to my friend who introduced me to them, gave one used set to a friend who was very ill (never got them back as she passed away), and have two sets left. While talking with the owner of BCI, I mentioned that when I read the set the second time, I noticed very different writing styles from chapter to chapter and asked him if Evan Innes was real or the concoction of writing teams. He said I was right, Evan Innes does not exist but that the series was the effort of a writing team. He said that Bantam sorted them to fiction instead of science fiction so they didn't get the exposure they deserved...ergo, poor sales. I still loved the series enough to call the editor of the Science Fiction Book club to see if they would have a look and maybe publish them. No luck but they are still a great read. Enjoy.
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