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Default Re: What is happening

Just been working, sleeping, eating and drinking no don't believe me...okay, we've had so much rain this month, over 200 mms so far - the wettest month so far that we haven't really been doing much over the last few weeks so nothing majorly exciting around here. It was only last weekend that we went to our first market for the month - I was seriously deprived - needed some socks as I had cleaned out my sock drawer of all the odd ones and holey ones

Healthwise, I was okay up until last Friday when a bee stung me - I think I must be due in shares for the doctor and chemist this week and today, I discussed with the doctor about an epi-pen as I had an extreme reaction to it this time, compared to the last few times that I've been stung by bees so I'm feeling rather drained as a result She gave me the rest of the week off from work and I was lucky that I saw my boss last Sunday so he knew what happened before I went to work yesterday.
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