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Default You will all hate me or love me for this.

Way back in the day when Sims 2 was out, I made Afra Lyon, Damia Gwyn-Raven, and their gigantic brood of children. And I posted pictures.

I didn't do it for Sims 3 because I couldn't stand how the sims looked.

But, Sims 4 is out now. And, yes, I am putting together a Raven-Lyon family and taking pictures. (Afra's "flirty" expression is hilarious, I'll have you know!)

So, let me leave you with this image: Afra Lyon, for some completely inexplicable reason, striking a rather manly pose on a bench next to his adopted son. (Who I named Piemur. Who is totally living up to his name with that suspicious glance he's giving Afra.)

I know Afra's skin is WAYYYY too green, but they only give me one shade of green to work with this early in the release. He's also unusually buff because I have him in the Astronaut career track and the sims will change from skinny to muscular if they're working out a lot, and he has to work out to progress as an astronaut. So he's put on some muscle mass since I made him. (Damia, after being put through 3 pregnancies in a row, poor woman, gained a bit of weight on the other hand.)

More screenshots soon!
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