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Default Re: Talents - Sims 2 Style!

Yeah, like I said in my first post, Afra's skintone is much, much greener than I envision in my head. But all of the light green skintones I've seen are flat and ugly. This one is a skin by "Louis" who has a pretty darn nice line of skins. So I ended up choosing quality over accuracy. And I'm not good enough to modify it to suit my needs; I had a hard enough time putting a single white stripe into the male's hair! Noooot touching skins yet.

As for Thian's hair being black rather than brown--which book has his hair color? I know Kaltia is specified to be blond like her father, but I assumed everyone else (except for Ewan, who I picture blond as well) to have the Gwyn-Raven black-with-white-stripe. (Okay, and maybe except for Zara, who I think could possibly have a full head of white hair a la her grandmother although there is no hard-core evidence in the books.) I think Petra and Laria are specified to have black hair with white stripes, and the rest were left up in the air for the most part.

I think the whole Gwyn/Raven/Lyon clan would find us vaguely creepy if they knew we were making virtual dolls out of them. I probably would be on the top of the "creepy-stalker-type" list, given I both play with them as Sims and write fanfic.
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