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Default Re: Talents - Sims 2 Style!

Yeah, that's the downside of using the Sims--they all have slightly vacant looks to their faces. Afra's supposed to be good at hiding his emotions, so it doesn't hurt him too much, I figure he walks around looking vaguely pleasant most of the time, but it's hard to put Jeff's personality into his face. Also, there's a decided personality shift in the books with Jeff--he's much more playful and charismatic in the earlier books, and becomes more like Reidinger after he becomes Earth Prime. It's a bit easier to make him look dignified than charismatic, so that's what I was aiming for.

Well, sorta. Kinda.

I guess the dancing isn't all that dignified. Hee hee.

My Jeff looks like F'lar's brother with blue eyes--they're different in personality, but mentally they look the same in my head, since they're described in similar ways in the books. Jeff isn't supposed to be particularly handsome (nor is F'lar), and he is supposed to have strong facial features. So I made his face sort of angular, but not as looong as Afra's.
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