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Wink Talents - Sims 2 Style!

Okay. So, I got the Sims 2, only years after everyone else. (My old PC could barely handle the original Sims!). And like any proper fangirl, I promptly made a Talented family. In particular, the Raven-Lyon family.

Meet Afra!

He is *considerably* greener than I imagine him, but this was the nicest green-tone skin I found.

He looks a bit pensive; I suspect someone is speaking to him telepathically.

Here's another one, with a little more smile.

Where there's Afra, of course there is also Damia.

Excuse the hair; I'm still trying to find a female black hair with a single white stripe that doesn't look retarded.

And here's some of the sprogs...

Isthian, looking considerably cuter than I ever imagined him. But he's genetically the son of the Afra and Damia sim--I didn't muck around with his face in bodyshop. Afra and Damia must have good genes.

I plan to get a pic of him that's not shot at night. Also, one where he's smiling. The hair I altered myself to add the white stripe. Alas, male hair, at least this one, is far easier to edit than any of the female ones.

Here's Rojer, who's currently a teen:

He thinks the family car is pretty awesome, and wanted it in the shot with him.

I've made six of the eight children, mostly because the game can only handle having 8 family members, which means poor Ewain and Petra got left out, at least until I manage to get Rojer and Laria out of the house, but I'm mostly dissatisfied with how the girls are coming out, so no closeups today. (It's that darn's not right. )

I assume Damia is saying here something along the lines of "Stick it where the sun doesn't shine!" but I don't have the foggiest what provoked it!

Afra's either A) playing along, or B) actually fed up with her.

Later on, Afra cornered Thian in a bar, and started to lecture him on aspects of love.

Afra recommends some good books that he used himself way back in the day. The Kama Sutra, is, after all, a classic. (Hey, I just realized Afra's first lover was named Kama! And she "instructed" him in acts of love. I can't believe I didn't pick that up before!)

Thian, however, is bored to tears, and has no qualms about nodding off right in front of his dad.

Afra saunters off--his work here is done! Thian has been fully embarrassed in front of the bartender and any other sim in the room.

More pics to come, later.
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