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Default Book/Theme Discussions Sign Up Thread

As discussed in another thread, we seem to have sufficient interest to start a new book/theme series of discussions. If you would like to lead such a discussion, please sign up here, preferably with some indication of the theme/book you'd like to lead on (although that's not essential at the early stages).

"Leaders" are not expected to know the book/theme backwards But if you volunteer to lead a discussion, you should be prepared to post several questions or comments during the month in which your book/theme is the main subject, in order to promote and actively encourage debate

For historical reasons our "months" will run from the fifteenth day

If you're interested, please post in this thread and one of the MoM staff will add you to this list

#1 Anneli 15 Feb - 14 March 2009. Theme = Ninth Pass Hatchings - unique or repetitious?
#2 draconichybrid 15 March - 14 April 2009. Theme = Talent
#3 mawra 15 April 2009 - 14 May 2009. Theme = dolphins and other smart animals on Pern

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