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Default Re: Pern Boardgame - Differences in editions?

Thank you, Hans! So there aren't any rule differences or different cards at all between the two editions?

I was introduced to this digital board game website called, and it allows you to recreate your own boardgames to share privately with others. Or if you own the rights to the game, or have permission from the owner, you can share it publicly with players all over the world. I'm trying to recreate the Dragonriders of Pern board game to introduce it to some other online friends, or I could even play it with you guys if you like once I get it set up.

But we still can't find mom's 2nd edition, and I can't find any good pictures of the board online. Also, I'm not very good at taking photos yet with my phone anyway when it comes to big stuff. Could I please have a close up photo or scan of the 2nd edition card backs and board from you, Hans? I can scan the rules from my book and get decent photos of the pieces and card fronts from my end, I think.
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