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Default Pern Boardgame - Differences in editions?

I just got the 1st edition of this game. I got the 2nd edition for mom awhile back, but we seem to have misplaced it. I wanted my own copy of 2nd edition, but got sent 1st by mistake. Still, I would rather not have to send mine back if it can be helped, since it's a complete game set.

The main reason I wanted 2nd edition was because I liked the board design better. But I can't remember what the differences are between the two versions, if any, besides the board design and tokens.

Does anybody know if there are actually any rule or card or token differences between the two?

If it turns out there aren't any differences, than I would be perfectly happy keeping this version and to just get a good photo of the 2nd board design to print out and stick over the board I have.
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