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I don't think it's disrespectful at all, either to change spellings to local usage or to change terminology to local usage -- unless the author makes a big deal over the terms she/he did use (which is more likely in scifi as they like to create vocab, or at least new uses for old words). It seems entirely different than translating a book into an entirely different language, but as far as I'm concerned it's not that different. You

That said, there are those of us readers who don't always want to read the translated version. With Harry Potter a lot of American fans have wished to at least have fewer changes if not simply read the full British version, as the British-ness is an integral part of the tale. For sci-fi, the American- or British-ness of a story is unlikely to be integral, but the die hard reader may wish to get his/her hands on the original translation.

This would be an excellent question to pose to Jody Lynn Nye for her opinions - as I think only an author is perhaps best qualified to state whether she finds this an offensive practice or perfectly understanble and legitimate.
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