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Default Re: Anne's english

I appreciate your point, and understand the relevance.

I agree that it's evidence of the practice in the US, which I find actually disturbing (for which reasons see below). I wonder if the same occurs in the UK, which is what I want to check out, if that's no problem.

Why it disturbs me is that it sends three clear messages. First, we don't respect you, the author, because we will change your work. Second, we do not respect your dialect, your culture, your people. Third, we do not respect your readers, who have the right to expect a clear, authoratative text, not something that has been edited to reflect the publishers' wishes. The practice may be good for business, but to me, as a writer and human being, I find it abhorrent.

I hope that you will understand my emotive response, and pardon any excesses caused.
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