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Okay you two, back to your corners!

Ghyle, you should visit my McCaffrey site, It includes a bibliography arranged by publication order as well as a biographical timeline of Anne's life, which together will give you the answer you want about which books were published when she lived where. From memory I believe the first book published after she moved to Ireland was Dragonquest, but I'm not positive.

I brought up Harry Potter originally; I'm very good at causing topic drift, as I'm very fond of exploring tangents. It's relevant to learn more about US UK variations on a general basis, but as different publishers are involved and the change is from American to British English rather than the reverse, it doesn't answer specifics about how Anne's books are changed.

I suspect that unlike foreign language editions, wherein they take the published book and then translate it, that for US and UK books the publishers each receive the same draft of the book from Anne and then the editors go to work making changes, tweaking the writing style in addition to Anglicizing the spelling for the UK edition. I'm pretty sure Anne still writes with American spellings (somewhere I have a couples drafts of recent short stories which would answer that question, but I'm not sure where...), though I wouldn't be surprised if British/Irish expressions and language usage difference (like jumper as mentioned above) have crept in to a certain extent. Anne is still very much an American despite her many years as a resident of Ireland now.
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