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Originally Posted by vyon View Post
I won't invite you to stay with me then, Dragon Fan. Fire engine sirens go up the hill, fire sirens go down the hill - I don't know why they go up, the station is up there somewhere. Police cars ditto, though at least they only do flashing lights at night. Ambulances in both directions as well - and that's only at night. In the daytime we get the same, plus convoys of heavy trucks going up to the rubbish dump and landfill somewhere in the hinterland then bouncing along the uneven road on the way down the hill empty.

What I don't hear very often is small birds. There was a blackbird singing in the trees at the back of the house at three this morning. I see a fantail there sometimes. There are a few sparrows and some very bossy tuis. Then there's a large flock of pigeons that roost on top of my house because it's opposite the Council flats. The people there are not allowed to have pets so they feed the birds instead, some of them are quite tame.

I'm more used to a quiet suburban street in Tauranga with at least one cat in every house and six in ours. We could see a dozen fantails in the manuka tree, flocks of waxeyes taking turns to brave the cats and bathe in a dish on our deck, chaffinches, greenfinches, sparrows, blackbirds with territories at the back of our house another lot at the front, they fought if they met. A thrush patrolled our back doorstep until he got eaten by one of the cats. We had tuis for the winter and shining cuckoos in summer. We were visited by some Rosella parrots, a couple of Minahs, starlings pretending to be quails, real quails occasionaly and a pair of plovers on the golf course next door. Hawk patrolled our treetops early in the evening - if he went too far over the cliffs the seagulls would chase him back inland again.

Did I mention that there is only one outside cat here? Gareth Morgan can't blame the lack of birds on the cats!

We do like the birds here, they can sure make a mess around their feeder, not to mention that I had to relocate our clothes line due to the birds leaving proof that they were there and had eaten. We did have a problem with feral cats for a while, they escaped from an animal rescue place and were all over the place, the township animal control officers and the wild coyotes took care of them in time. All is quiet on that front now.
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