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Default Re: Your Pern Movie Cast

Originally Posted by McClance

Viggo Mortensen as F'lar/Mnementh - Hmmmmm Interesting
Tracy Scoggins as Lessa/Ramoth - Amy from Evanesence might be a better choice
Jimmy Smits as F'nor/Canth
Ian McKellan as Robinton
June Chadwick as Kylara/Pridith
Shelagh Fraser as Manora
Kelly Coyle as Brekke/Wirenth
Jeffrey Combs as Terry
Faye Grant as Mardra
Frank Ashmore as T'ron
Sean Bean as T'bor
Bill Paxton as D'ram
Alan Ruch as G'narish
Connor Trinneer as Asgenar
Natalie Portman as Mirrim - Hmmmmmmmm
Eric Johnston as young Jaxom
Patrick Stewart as Lytol Still say Paul Muni would be good in that Role - if he was still alive!
Alex D. Linz as Felessan
Andre the Giant as Fandarel Yes!! (Or The Big Show )
John Nobel as Meron
Ray Walston as Sograny
Lane Smith as Toric
Bruce Boxleitner as N'ton
Richard Herd as Groghe
Just my thoughts on some of your choices McClance
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