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Default Re: Eann's Kickstarter!

via Eann
Yesterday at 7:55am

Lauri and Deborah's pledges have boosted the Kickstarter for THE SHELL GAME up to 44% of goal, 52 backers and $2,202 with 7 days left in the campaign! You rock, ladies! Thank you so much!
Yesterday at 2:13am

Katrina just pledged the second highest pledge in the Kickstarter campaign for THE SHELL GAME so far! Thanks to her, the campaign is now at 43% of goal with 50 backers, $2,182 out of the $5000 we need and just one short week to go! Just a reminder that when the campaign funds (she says optimistically) the person who pledges highest first will be able to choose one of the collaborative hardbacks I wrote with Anne McCaffrey with not only my signature but a color bookplate Anne signed when she was last in this area. I never wanted to ask Anne to stress her arthritic hands by signing my copies, but my friend Lea Day, who was Anne's PA for her last few trips to the States, had one she generously donated to the campaign.
For some reason I like helping with PR And helping Eann get back here.
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