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Default Re: Decision at Doona--My Comments

Last night, I finished reading through all three Doona books. And, WOW! Those three books were amazing! Next to Pern, I would say these are so close a second that they're practically tied.

If I was asked to name my favorite of the three, I would need a long moment to think about the answer.

DAD was outstanding in the ways I mentioned at the offset of this thread--the Human/Hrruban encounter being played out nicely.

COD was magnificent in providing a mystery and suspense that truly kept me reading, the heroes continually discovering pieces after pieces of a massively complex conspiracy that undoubtedly took a lot of effort and planning on the part of Anne and Jody.

TAD suberbly placed the principles of the Human/Hrruban cohabited world to a test. And the pop culture references there made some humorous additions--Goldielocks, Winnie the Pooh, Wizard of Oz.

And, throughout all three books, the relationship between Todd and Hrriss was beautifully developed.
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