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Default Re: Newest dragon cross stitch

Originally Posted by Lily View Post
There are now four fans in the Wellington area!
Me, Michelle,Kugai and Yvon
I won't lie - that's kinda weird. Not sure I've ever come across three other kiwi fans on one website before.

Let alone ones from my actual city.

So weird.

@Vyon - that sounds horrid! I mean, on the one hand I'm not entirely surprised because good heavens stadium staff can be disorganised (I can say that - I used to work there lol!) but still - someone should have been thinking ahead.

That walkway is horrid. It's almost a kilometer long and then at the end you've got to find a bus/carpark/taxi etc. My dad had to walk it once with a broken foot - hobbling on crutches the entire way. It needs to be more accessible.

Lucky you were all able to get home okay!

@Priscilla - yes! You can just go ahead and call me a bad influence if you like! Cat themed tablecloths would be so neat

(Is also a cat person)

You'll have to let us know when it arrives! I'm sure it will take less time to make it's way to you than it will to me
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