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Default Re: Newest dragon cross stitch

Originally Posted by vyon View Post
And as for helping old ladies at the Edinburgh Tattoo -
We could've done with somebody with (a) common courtesy and (b) some idea of how to get off that high walkway without going down steps after the tattoo on Thursday night. When we asked for directions from the ticket collector at the blocked gate we were directed in the opposite direction from the one we wanted to go in and finished up having to cross a railway line, a motorway, and walk right round the closed railway station to the bus station - there being no taxis. By then the last bus had long gone and there were still no taxis.
We walked home. Fortunately all three of us live in the CBD

And no way could I have afforded it either. It was a birthday present from my son and daughter-in-law.
Were you at the Tatoo on Thursday, Vyon???? So was I ! And wandering around looking for a ride down to the parking area. Took us an hour to get out of the stadium.

Wasnt it splendid!!!!!
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