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Default Re: Dragon size references

Originally Posted by MarciH View Post
I actually think there shouldn't be that much difference in size between the gold and bronzes and the other colors. I especially think the blues and greens are WAAAAY to small. Think about it this way. If there really was such a size difference between the bronzes and blues and greens, then there would have been no possibility of greens and blues being ridden for many, many years.
And not to put too fine a point on it, with that level of disparity, a bronze mating with a green (which happens, especially with the female-ridden greens) would be...uncomfortable. Not to mention unlikely--the green would be so small the bronze would literally have trouble maneuvering in a mating flight. Yes, you get small dog/large dog or pony/horse crosses, but it's rarely a case of a huge male assaulting a tiny female. At those proportions bronze/green would be like a Belgian stallion trying to breed a Hackney pony.
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