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Question meaning of the name 'The Heptite Guild'

Hello everybody!
I'm Russian, and now I'm reading a great trilogy 'Crystal Singer' by Anne McCaffrey. The first book of the trilogy, 'Crystal Singer', has been translated in Russian, so I've read it in my own language. But other two books haven't been translated yet, so I'm trying to read them in English now.
I'm little confused with name of the singers' guild: 'The Heptite Guild', and Google hasn't been able to help me. In a translation of the first book it has been named 'The 7th Guild' (in Russian), but I'm not sure it's a correct translation.
Could anyone tell me, has this name a sence, or, maybe, it's a nonsence word? Maybe it has a hidden meaning, play on words, that obvious for any native speaker? Can it be translated in Russian? Or just transcripted?

P.S. Sorry for my English, I'm not very good at it.
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