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I enjoyed it as a sort of overview of additional parts of the universe, but i was still pretty disappointed. I felt that it was seriously under built. You didnt really feel the villainy of the Kolnari, you didnt particularly fear for the Bethelites and you could see the plot twists coming from a mile off. The part about Nomik had a good deal of potential for plot and character development that ended up going flat. And the end, the whole rush to regain her ship was emotionally under developed. If anne had written it you would have had to put the book down and grab a box of tissues, but as it was I felt like the ending was wrapped up in a fashion that mimics a poorly written Harlequinn romance. It had no power and even less believability. Didnt feel like Joat at all. I like it okay, It will probably get the occasional reread, but it feel like someone put together this really great outline for a book, and never really filled in the meat. Ya know what I mean?
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