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Default Re: Signed Slipcased Editions

Originally Posted by Cheryl View Post
Yes! I own several of them, perhaps all the Brandywyne - it's been so long since I was an active collector, I can't recall if I managed to get all of them or not. Mostly they are of her romance/gothic novels, with Moreta being an exception.

There aren't nine different titles, you'll see on that list that several titles are repeated. I don't have my collector's handbook handy any more (my books are sadly packed at present, and I haven't actively collected in many years), but I suspect the difference between the double listed titles with clearly different pricing would have been for signed vs unsigned, or paperback vs hardcover (though that'd be odd for slipcovered versions), or some other variation.

I'm sure Brandywyne also published many other books, they can't have existed just to do a smattering of McCaffrey titles plus one Vance, but I think they were more into romance and thus don't have more listings with isfdb.
That's why I couldn't find more books by that publisher! I tried searching for Brandywyne Books without quotation marks, and Google kept showing me books by Rebecca Brandewyne. Sigh. When I used quotation marks, I found a signed Frederick Forsyth edition and a listing for a bookseller in Laurel, MD.

Originally Posted by Cheryl View Post
On another note... Frederick MD? I assume you live near there?! I'm in a Baltimore suburb, so not that far away! Nice to meet a relatively near collector/fan!
I live in Baltimore County, but I often go to the bookstore in Frederick if I have a lot of books to trade in and I can put them in boxes by category. It's a longer drive, but it's more convenient than some options. Even better, I know where to stop on the way back for soft serve.
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