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Default Re: Upgrading Adobe Elements

I have to admit right up front that I've actually never used a "traditional" darkroom as I started into my more serious (ha!) photography after everything went digital. However, at one time, my dad was a freelance and then a newspaper photographer, and he had a darkroom in one room of the house that I grew up in, and to this day (really!) that particular room still has the sweet scent of darkroom chemicals!

Hans, I know that you really use photoshop A lot (and that I couldn't even come close to half of what you do), and personally, I always look forward to seeing your latest creation. Keep on keepin' on with the tweaking!

Last summer I volunteered as a photographer for an environmental event, Farclas, and one of things I did was edit everybody's pictures. I found out that sometimes iPhoto is all you need- it's quite impressive, and you can do some neat effects (like vignetting a portrait, for example) quickly and easily.
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