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Default Re: Gary-Stus/Mary-Sues. Could some help to understand this?

Originally Posted by Weyrlady View Post
Allow me to try again. . . to me, the biggest marker of a Sue/Stu- like inddividual is someone to whom everything gets handed to on a silver platter. (AND when you read about them, it rots your teeth!) Like Anareth said, it's when the unrealism gets carried to absurd extremes.There are plenty of other things that make for a MS/GS, that's just a big one.

I think your idea's a totally workable one, Ginnystar, go for it! I know what it feels like to to be told "NO" repeatedly, and also what that does to one emotionally/phycologically, so won't do it to another person. My very life's an "unrealistic idea". . .

I personally have a character who is a goldrider, and also has what in 'modern times' we'd call spastic cerebral palsy.She can't feel her legs much of the time, and walks with crutches. Her Wingleader makes sure that she has the tools and support that she needs, then treats her as he would any other weyrling in training, which means that sometimes he has to come down very hard on her. He may correct her, but never physically hurts her- and it makes her a stronger person. No free pass because she rides gold; she has to earn it just like everyone else.
Weyrlady is it your Pern fic "Dragonrider with a Difference?". Quite a cool story. So do Dan J. and I about told NO about doing something. We were told we could not make it up here in Wausau, WI its been nine years and ten years total!
Today we ordered a new computer, and are working on getting a new printer, for its died over the weekend a hardware, and ink toner carrier issue. Quite but didn't get emotional some general anxiety about it.
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