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Default Bibliography and Website

Mythology Series (fantasy)
Mythology 101 (1990)
Mythology Abroad (1991)
Higher Mythology (1993)
Advanced Mythology (Aug 2001)

Taylor's Ark Series (sci-fi)
Taylor's Ark (1993)
Medicine Show (1994)
The Lady and The Tiger (Mar 2004)

Dreamland Series (fantasy)
Waking in Dreamland (May 1998)
School of Light (June 1999)
The Grand Tour (Aug 2000)

Co-authored with Anne McCaffrey
The Death of Sleep (1990)
Crisis on Doona (1992)
The Ship Who Won (1994)
Treaty at Doona (1994)

Co-authored with Robert Asprin
License Invoked (Mar 2001)
Myth-Told Tales (2003)
Myth Alliances (2003)
Myth-Taken Identity (Sep 2004)

The Magic Touch(June 1996)
Don't Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear; editor(July 1996)
The Ship Errant (The Ship Who Won II) (December 1996)

Crossroads Game Books
Dragonharper (1987)
Encyclopedia of Xanth (1987)
Dragonfire (1988)
Ghost of a Chance (1988)

Illustrated Guides
The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern (1989; 2nd ed. 1996)
Visual Guide to Xanth (co-authored w/Piers Anthony) (1989)

Omnibus Editions
Planet Pirates (Death of Sleep et. al) (1993)
Applied Mythology (Omnibus of books 1,2,3) (Aug 2000)
The Ship Who Saved The Worlds (Won and Errant) (2003)
Doona (Crisis and Treaty) (2004)

Jody also has an extensive short story bibliography, which you can view at her website

Jody Lynn Nye's Website

Jody Lynn Nye's Newsgroup
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