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Originally Posted by eann View Post
The first two Acorna novels are Acorna, then Acorna's Quest by Anne and Margaret Ball.
Followed by the five with Annie and me. 3. Acorna's People 4. Acorna's World 5. Acorna's Search 6. Acrona's Rebels (lots of cats in this one) and 7. Acorna's Triumph. Then there are three in the Acorna's Children series 1. First Warning 2. Second Watch 3. Third Wave
that are continuations of the original series featuring Acorna's daughters and android foster son. For more about these series including synopsis and US cover art, see the page on my website
6. Acrona's Rebels (lots of cats in this one) Why I love it thanks I' don have 2,3,4 of the books, and I bet the reader for the National Libary Services for the Blind and Physicallly Handicapped had a hard time with some of the worlds, glad they had the Glossary in the front of book on tape then the back or folk wouldn't have understand it.
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