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Default Re: Favourite Brawn?

Usually, I can finish, and generally in two days or less, unless I'm reading two or three books at once (which I frequently am--it's taken me a week to get through "Tailchaser's Song", but I took yesterday to read "One Knight Only".) Though I'm getting less and less patient the more I write myself--if a book isn't holding my interest, I just move on to bigger and better things. It got to the point this summer I wasn't reading any fiction at all--every time I picked up a fantasy or SF novel and saw the same trite plots and hokey character names staring back at me I couldn't do it. So I stuck to cookbooks.

Anne has a pretty bad track record with me, though--Pern and Brain/Brawn are basically it (plus "The Lady.") Whereas, with, say, Misty Lackey, I can read almost anything of hers (except the car-racing-elves thing, but I don't like elves.) But then with Anne, the ones I do like, I like obsessively. (You'd never guess, huh.) I don't reread ALL the Pern books (I skimmed through ATWOP and SoP while working on the herbarium and midway through SoP I realized, "Wow, I forgot how much I really didn't enjoy this book") but the ones I do reread I reread a LOT.
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