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Default Re: Godmother Series

Originally Posted by eann View Post
Actually, Elizabeth, if you have the digital files of your books, you can turn them into ebooks easily enough yourself--pdfs to sell via PayPal from your own website or to reformat as Kindle and/or any of the others. I understand that it's necessary to get an ISBN number to sell through the larger venues and that here anyway, you can get 10 numbers for about $250. My problem is I don't HAVE digital files of the final drafts of many of the books and the expense comes from having them coverted. Besides which, my final draft on disk is not the copyedited one. You do have to remove all formatting the publisher has done and dig up your own publicity quotes and so forth because all that stuff belongs to the publisher, even if the book belongs to you.
Do you have Word files or anything? It's really easy to convert a Word file to PDF if you have the right program and I know that there are free and web-based programs available. If not, you can scan images of a word-processed or typed file although that can be very time consuming (I've had to do that with academic papers in the library). It shouldn't be too hard to do yourself, if a little boring.

It takes me about 2 minutes to convert a word document of say 20 pages and about 20 minutes to do the same by scanning documents (It helps that stuff here is scanned directly to PDF) and then trimming them afterwards (I'm not very good at keeping things straight).

I can look some stuff up for you if you like. I looked once before, before I moved here because I needed a PDF and my old uni wasn't as organised as they are here.
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