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Default Thieves World Anthologies

I'm obsessed with them right now. Here's some information, if anyone wants it.

All information was taken with permission from :

These anthologies were edited by Robert Lynn Asprin and Lynn Abbey. Each book contains stories from the viewpoints of different characters, each written by a different auther. Sometimes they will even publish stories written by fans in the books.

Thieves World made it's debut in 1979 with the set of anthologies Thieves World. Since it's debut, there have been 11 more original Thieves World books. The last one was published in 1989, Stealers' Sky.

In 2002, Lynn Abbey decided to ressurect Santuary, and she did so, with the fan base cheering her all the way. The first 'new' book was the novel Sanctuary, which was published in 2002 by Tor Books. There are two other 'new' books, Turning Points and Enemies of Fortune. There also was a book, First Blood, which consisted of the popular stories from the first two original books, Thieves World and Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn.

Each book tells many wonderful stories, and draws you in to where you feel that you are in the book. That you are seeing the happenings as they happen, not just reading a bunch of stories some fantasy author wrote up.

Has anyone else read and loved these books? And if you haven't, I hightly reccomend them. They are some of the best works of fantasy i've ever read.

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