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Default Re: Upgrading Adobe Elements

Weyrlady, I agree with Farclas (even and up to the excitement in the darkroom ); the smell of certain chemicals can bring me back in my own, private little red light district in a snap

However, I don't agree as such with your view on photoshopping but I do understand what you mean and consent that you can't make a bad shot alright with any post process program. I don't use iPhoto that much. I always, always use Photoshop and yes, I do use Apple's Aperture and Adobe Bridge (as I also do a fair amount of DTP).
I think I am too much of a tweaker and, yes, a perfectionist to use anything "less" than Photoshop and I even use it for the slightest tweaks and the smallest adjustments. I dislike using multiple programs for the same purpose. Hence my not even having installed Elements despite the fact I got version 2 for free when we bought an A3 Microtek scanner some years ago.
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