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Default Re: Anyone seen Avatar

I saw Avatar on Friday with my parents and it was simply amazing!!

I was so excited to see this movie, because I've been waiting for a really good science fiction/fantasy movie to come out. It did surprise me though how harsh critics were of the storyline. They kept saying how it was an ‘old story that’s been told a thousand times before’ and it makes me wonder if those critics realize the concept for this story was created back in 1995 and that the director had to wait for the technology to develop to do the movie. So of course the story concept has been used before! To me that shouldn’t matter, what matters is the way the movie is created and presented. The storyline can be told a thousand times over and as long as the basis concept and premise is different, who cares. There will always be a hero who has to overcome some challenge and the people who help him/her along the way.

I do hope when the Dragonriders of Pern movie is finally made that it’s done as well as Avatar. It goes to prove that you don't need hugely famous actors to have a good movie. I loved the dragon-like creatures in the movie. I thought of Pern from the moment I first saw them and was imagining what it’d look like on the big screen if it was Pern dragons and riders flying across the sky. I think this movie will help set the precedent for that and it will be even better because the filming techniques created for this movie will make the riders and dragons all the more realistic.
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