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Default Re: Exploring the Subtextual - Robinton/Menolly in the DRoP series

In my opinion, and that is only recently formed (from like the 20th time I re read the series)...i dont think that there is anything other than a deep and abiding "brotherly love" between Robinton and Menolly; but here's the thing, isnt it odd that she is SO very hated by her father Yanus,is it ONLY the disparity between what a woman should be and what Menollly is and can achieve? and ahd doesnt really physically resemble her siblings,does she?(think I remember remember reading that in Dragonsong, her being so tall and lanky, and isnt robinton himself discribed that way over and over?) and Petrion sure is devotedly kind to her, could it be....that Petrion is Menolly's Father? and that would make Robinton her half brother, Of course that would make it akward for her being Married to Sebell then wouldnt it? because isnt he some sort of half cousin twice removed or somthing to Robinton on Robinton's mother's side? (refeance MHoP) if I am off base and reading something into this that isnt there, please-redirect my thinking into a different tract, although, like I said I dont think there was anything other that platonic love and deep friendship between Robinton and Menolly.
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