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Default Re: Exploring the Subtextual - Robinton/Menolly in the DRoP series

There are many forms and degrees of love. Robinton was Menolly's hero. He rescued her and provided her with a life she had dreamed of but never expected to achieve. Of course she loved him. Robinton loved Menolly because of her youthful exuberance and her dedication to the things he also loved.

I don't see much point in assigning any great significance to the incident at sea. There were a lot of different pressures on both of them at that time. I honestly always believed he saw her as the child he should have had if things had gone differently for him. As for Sebell's deference, I think most everyone considered her Robinton's special protege and naturally would have to be respected in much the same way as some Lords sought to talk to Lytol regarding Jaxom's possible matching with their own offspring. Traditionally on Pern, parents (or Guardians or Masters) are always deferred to in such situations.

So, I guess you'll have to count me as a non-convert.
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