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Here’s the best answer I can supply about between, it is a tesseract, which, if you have read “A Wrinkle in Time”, you will know what that is. But, for those of us who have not, here it is; The fifth dimension is a tesseract, an area between time and space, where you can move across this plane of existance instantaneously, which is called wrinkling. If you ask anyone what the fastest route from point A to point B is, they will say a straight line, but that is wrong, if you wrinkle, you can bend the space/time between those two points and “step” across the threshold between them. In “A Wrinkle in Time” when they wrinkle, the description is almost exactly the same as the description of between. Another possibility is that they are becoming 2 dimensional temporarily (also described in “A Wrinkle in Time”), where the breath is squeezed out of you. Although this is less likely, you would still be able to move quite quickly between the 3 dimensional matter of this plane of existance. Please tell me what you think of my theory, and thank you for taking the time to read it.
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