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I think Between is a separate dimension of sorts. However, there is nothing in this dimension; it is a void/gap between worlds (or even beyond), and nothing can survive there long-term. Dragons can somehow access it (presumably this is linked to their TK abilities), and use it to leap from one place to another. However, Between is only safe to travel through, and not safe to stay in. If one remains Between, they will perish, their body will disappear into the void, and their spirit/essence/whatever remains behind, either passing into the next world, or remaining behind and returning to Pern (probably mostly to Paradise River) in ghostly form.

(Heck, it could almost be like a portable black hole, in the way that the dragons travel instantaneously from one place to another, and in that staying there would be fatal to them. Maybe that's what Between has been all along! Dragons creating portable black holes!)

BTW, is it ever explained how a Dragon knows another Dragon has gone between to die? Apart from grieving/sorrowful thoughts, what distinguishes a short trip away from a trip between? If they go to another place on Pern, I suppose the dragon could still sense them, but what if a dragon and rider travels through time?
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