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Default Re: My newest - Albedo 1

Originally Posted by Hans View Post
That sucks but it has been sold out for a long time now. One consolation: second hand copies do surface now and then

Haven't they figures of how many were made? I'm at work, so can't check Hargreaves. And maybe there's a number on my copy of the magazine.

What a nice job you landed! Tell us more!
I'm on the editorial staff now It's fun choosing stories to show to the world. Very interesting experience. There's a lot of realllllllly bad stuff (as in people don't even check their theres or they'res in the first sentence) that comes in, but there's some wonderful stories too.

I really haven't seen one surface, and I look for this hard. This and A Time When (at a reasonable price) are what I'm looking for the most. so if you see one on ebay or something do inbox me!
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