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Default Re: Collecting Highlight - (63) Powers That Be - Proof

Amen, Maelin!!! You just don't think of authors as needing money since they usually write several books. But Anne, I think is a rarity, meaning a successful writer. Again, meaning she has been able to support herself very well with her writing.

Sara --- An ARC and a Proof copy are basically the same thing. Proofs would be the term to use for older ones and ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) for the new versions. An older proof copy may not have the entire text (someone tell me if I'm wrong please!) but an ARC will have the entire text.

And to toss something else into the mix.......there are F&G proofs also. These are Folded and Gathered proofs. Books are printed on large sheets that hold 4 double sided pages with perforations dividing the sheet. (The pages are torn at the perforations to create the book.) A few of these are pulled (at least were in the past) or rather 'gathered' together in page order and then folded on the perforations instead of tearing at the perforations. These are not bound in any way, just left folded.
I have a F&G proof and another early proof copy of The Coelura in addition to a TOR bound proof copy. To see these samples check out Collecting Highlight #38 "The Coelura Universe".
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