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Default Re: Dragons in dangerous states of mind

Once word got out, I think trust in dragonriders would take a sharp dive. Not, perhaps, consciously at first, but the thought of such a large creature being dangerous isn't far from the minds of folks. And unlike with whers, dragons don't have an easy check method that most of Pern would know of and about.

I'd imagine dragonriders would be somewhat heartbroken, because they'd be feeling what their dragon is experiencing the whole time. Even if dragonriders aren't directly physically affected, they certainly would be mentally affected. That alone, showing a breakdown in front of any of those folks not of the Weyr, would be sufficient to cause a certain degree of panic. How far that panic goes, and what the results would be, then go to you. =)

Lots of trust lost, and lots of heartbreak and confusion: these are quite logical responses to me. (Though I am being cynical.)
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