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Default Re: Dragons in dangerous states of mind

How limited is their ability going to really be to care for sick dragons? How many people still live at the Weyr? Is it simply the riders working all available jobs? I see you said, "Pluss some assorted others, depending on mating flights, clutches, and the like," but this still leaves me wondering. Are the riders doing all the work of the Weyr? It is possible, from what I understand of Benden during it's founding.

And granted, if there would be mostly male riders (or female if women are Impressing greens again), what about babies? Or the occasional lover? In a male instance, having a lover in a cothold or a hold in the surrounding area, would they be able to recruit this person for help if Whatshallwecallith comes down with the psychedelic poison?

Also, at what level would the "poison" act as a poison? How much would be needed to actually cause the dragons some sort of harm? Would a sickness from a psychedelic cause more mental harm then physical, at least directly?

In the case of mental harm, and say the Queen herself were affected, and perhaps this happened during her mating flight, or in the normal course of extended feeding on herdbeasts with a slow buildup of the drug, or else a very fast acting drug, what would happen to the Weyr? I'd think that if a dragon were to start going on a bad "trip" and the only currently available queen is, herself, one of the afflicted... I imagine it would be incredibly dangerous. The dragons would likely either be significantly harming themselves, or reacting to stimuli which aren't real. And if a dragonrider is having trouble understanding the mind of their dragon, they would be adding their own concern to the already tripping dragon. I could see this leading to lashing out by the dragon, or perhaps the dragon tries to chew firestone to flame the thread which isn't there, or the dragon comes close to a mating flight only to turn on those following them because they're hearing voices that say, "We're going to hurt your rider!"?

Heh, I apologize for rambling, and the best thing I can think of is, "Wow that could be lots of interesting, creative fun, figuring out exactly how to deal with dragons hallucinating reality, and not always a friendly, colorful reality, but a dangerous and threatening one, without the help of their queen."

And while I do think dragons know better than to attack people by the time they've grown to weyrlings, except in the case of the lives of their rider's being in danger. The most damage I'd think they'd do would be incidental, though violence could probably be provoked.

(If a Holder had indeed decided to poison a Weyr in such a way, may they be "blessed" with the presence of the dragon suffering the ill sides of such a drug. ;D)
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