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Default Collecting Highlight (37) - Michael Whelan Pern artwork phonecards

In 1995 PATCO or Public Access Telephone Company issued three 'comic phonecards' (prepaid cards) based on Michael Whelan's artwork for three of the Pern novels. They bear an expiring date of January 6, 1996 and are considered collector's items, especially since only 2,000 were made of each card. In my honest opionion this is an affordable collectible.

The three novels and subsequent Whelan artwork were:

1. Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern, artwork: Moreta
this card is good for 15 units for domestic calls

2. The White Dragon, artwork: The White Dragon
this card is good for 15 units for domestic calls

3. All the Weyrs of pern, artwork: Weyrworld
this card is good for 5 units for domestic calls

Of this last card 500 signed copies exist; whether they come on top on the 200 (unsigned) ones or if there are 1500 unsigned and 500 signed ones is not entirely clear to me.

As I said these cards are collectible items and the artwork (printing on the plastic card) is of good quality. I bought mine through eBay of a seller called Peter Comparetto.

I enquired and Peter still has a limited amount of these cards (only two of the cards are currently listed on eBay, but you can mail him if you want more information). The regular Weyrworld card costs $8, the signed one $25. The other cards cost $5 a piece. He offers a complete set of Moreta, White Dragon and Weyrlworld signed for $30; not a bad investment if you ask me
Go here to visit Peter's eBay store (search for Whelan). The cards are in unused/mint condition.

Here's all three of them

Weyrworld card

White Dragon card

Moreta card

Back of the Moreta card
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